anjli choudry western sydney lawyerMT DRUITT’s own all-female and newest law firm is ready to get off the bench and into the community while also breaking down gender stereotypes.

Solicitors Beverley Boyle, Anjli Choudhary and assistant Sandra Wade make up the new team manning the desks at Western Sydney Legal.

New owner Anjli Choudhary said it was a happy accident that the firm ended up as women only.

“We didn’t intend it to happen but we are really happy that it did,” Ms Choudhary said.

“I think we come from a different mindset .. we try to provide our clients with a lot of empathy because we, ourselves, have been through it.”

Western Sydney Legal will be offering a range of services including family, immigration and criminal law.

“I come from an Indian background … I understand the extra issues that migrants may be having,” Ms Choudhary said.

“And I think it gives me a different dimension in helping the community.”

“I have also registered to become a migrant agent so I can actually help in the preparation process for visas but also give legal advice to people going through it.” The solicitor has returned from a 20 year break from the job but is ready to make a difference in the community.

“I have worked in the bigger law firms but didn’t want to go back them because I actually wanted to make a difference,” Ms Choudhary said.

“This is also coming back to my roots because I am a local girl who was brought up in Emu Plains.” Ms Choudhary said the firm hoped to empower local women but also encouraged men to drop by.

“Your life doesn’t end if you have separated from your partner, there is a long way to go,” Ms Choudhary said. “We have all been through it so we know exactly what it is like.”

The legal service is offering a free initial consultation to community members.

“We hope to really get involved with our community, meet the locals and people are welcome to come and drop in,” Ms Choudhary said.

“We offer a personal service whereas in a larger firm people can get lost.

“Our clients aren’t our files, they are actual people who we care about.”

The practice has been serving the Mt Druitt community for almost 40 years.

“We have a real continuity in the area,” Ms Choudhary said.

“We have been there and we know what it is like so we have a lot of experience with our knowledge.

“We are open to giving people advice without any obligation.” Residents are encouraged to visit Western Sydney Legal at 17 Dawson Mall, Mt Druitt or email the company at


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