Criminal Law


Being charged with a criminal offence can take a significant toll on your life. If you have been charged with possession of illicit drugs, common assault or drink driving, we are able to assist you to obtain the best outcome in your matter. We will fight to have your charges dropped or downgraded or thrown out of court if the case proceeds to a defended hearing.

AVO – we understand being the subject of an AVO can adversely affect your ability to maintain contact with your loved ones. It may also interfere with your immigration status. We are able to assist you to fight to have an unfairly imposed AVO dismissed so that you and your family can work towards moving ahead with your lives.

ASSAULT CHARGES – our client is a 34 year old male living in inner city Sydney. He was charged with common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm of a security guard at a night club. Our client pleaded not guilty and his case was heard in the Downing Centre Local Court. We successfully defended him at the hearing after careful review of the CCTV footage and incisive cross examination of the security guard. Our client’s case was dismissed and he was found to be not guilty.

We have successfully defended our clients in the Mount Druitt Local Court, Windsor Local Court, Parramatta Courthouse, Downing Centre Local Court and Parramatta District Court in matters ranging from AVOs, common assault, stalk and intimidate , possession of illicit drugs, drink driving, driving without a licence, sexual assault, and possession of child pornography material.

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Criminal Law

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