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Conveyancing ServicesConveyancing Services – Family home

As your local western suburbs lawyer, we are extremely capable in conveyancing matters and bring a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years in the local area.

Regardless of the complexity of the matter, as lawyers we are familiar with the rules and regulations governing the sale and purchase of properties in NSW.

As a cost comparison, at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE we offer very competitive conveyancing rates .

Please feel free to ring our office and obtain a quote over the phone. Our prices are competitive with that of conveyancers however, as lawyers we are able to facilitate a smooth transaction having full regard to the pitfalls and potential legal issues which may arise .The security of important documents such as your certificate of title is of paramount concern. As lawyers we are accustomed to working with sensitive documents and as such are kept in our fire proof safe.

At WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE we understand that often you are working with a very tight budget and we offer competitive rates however we are the wise and secure choice to carry out the sale or purchase of your most important asset, your home.

Conveyancing Services – Retirement Villages

Our lawyers at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE have experience in reading and advising on the often lengthy and complex Retirement Village Leases. The terms and conditions of each lease varies and it is essential you seek advice regarding them if you are considering moving into a Retirement Village.

At a time in your life when you are contemplating taking it easy, let us take out the stress that comes with having to enter into Lease s and financial agreements .We will ensure you receive comprehensive advice and will facilitate a smooth transition for you into a Retirement Village.

Being the local western suburbs legal firm for over 40 years, we know the area well and are able to discuss the various options available to you at this most exciting time in your life.

Conveyancing Services – Commercial and Retail Leases

Leases are lengthy and complex whether you are a Leasee or the Landlord. It is important to be aware of your rights and obligations. Our lawyers at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE are experienced in all aspects of property law and are able to advise you in regards to commercial and retail leases.

Come and see us if you are thinking of entering into a lease as there are many important factors to consider before entering into one.

Often when you are starting up a business the commercial implications of your lease can have a bearing of the degree of success of your new commercial enterprise.

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Conveyancing Services

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