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Family break ups are a highly stressful and emotionally charged events in people’s lives. When you have separated or divorced, you will have very powerful emotions and strong physical responses. It is very easy to become embroiled in your own emotions and it is at this time you need help with the legal and practical issues of these events. Family Law

Whilst there is no formal procedure for separation in a de facto relationship, in the case of a married couple, you need to consider the formal court process of divorce.

Divorce and separation also brings with them very important financial considerations. Often the financial arrangements that have been formalised at the time of a relationship breakdown can have a long lasting effect and it is extremely important to seek good legal advice prior to entering any agreement of this nature.

We are able to provide guidance and help for reaching agreement and obtain a financial arrangement which suits you at this point in your life

As you local western suburbs family lawyer, we have over 40 years experience in these matters and we always endeavour the optimal outcome for our clients to ensure their financial security for their future.

We are able to have the financial arrangement formalised in court and thereby giving you the ability to move on with your life with some certainty and financial security.

It is important to get legal advice as early as possible. We are able to assist in situations where you are contemplating a separation. At this time it is essential to consider all your options and we will advise you as to your rights and the optimal way forward.

We are your local western suburbs lawyer who can provide you with expert legal advice in relation to both same sex couples and heterosexual couples . Please contact our office for an obligation free consultation for all matters regarding family law.


The break up of your parents’ relationship if one of the toughest and hardest time for children of that relationship. Although your relationship has broken down, you both are still parents to these children. For everyone’s benefit, it is important that you both maintain open communication in relation to issues to do with your children.

Of paramount importance is the issue of successful co parenting despite being separated .

We can help develop and formalise a parenting plan with minimum stress to you and the children. We understand that one of the most pressing issues is the welfare and wellbeing both mentally and physically of the children.

As your local western suburbs lawyer, we are able to give you help and advice as soon as separation occurs in order that the issues of parenting such as access by both parents to the children be managed to minimise any adverse effect on the children.

It is also possible for people other than the parents, such as grandparents and aunts and uncles to obtain parenting orders . We at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE can assist you in all aspects concerning a break up and children.

Our lawyers can help manage conflicts between you and your ex partner as ongoing conflict can hurt the children.

If you are with your children following a relationship breakdown, it may be necessary to seek help to obtain some sort of financial contribution from your former partner to assist in the daily care of the children until such time as financial arrangements can be finalised in court.


Whilst separation and divorce are highly stressful times, most people will need to reach agreement as to property and financial issues in order to move into the future. It is ideal that this issue be addressed as early as possible.

As your local western suburbs lawyer we have over 40 years of experience in unravelling complex financial structures to get a full picture in order to assess and obtain an optimal financial settlement for you. We are realistic as to the options available to you and will work with you to resolve these issues with you to resolve the matter expediently and with utmost sensitivity and discretion.

Issues such as bank accounts, family home, superannuation and the regular income all need to be taken into account.

Pending a financial agreement being formalised, you may need financial assistance to carry on with your day to day routine and obligations and we can assist you in this regard.

From the onset we assess the situation and advise you as to the steps to be taken in order to obtain the best possible outcome for you to secure your financial future.

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Family Law

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