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Immigration LawImmigration Law – We’ll Look After You

It is a common misconception within the community that all there is to immigration is the filling in of forms and the paying of a lodgement fee.

Many cases are refused applications or failed hearings and appeals from people who are not represented by a lawyer. Such cases are harder to resolve and more costly.

It is important that you have a lawyer to deal with your immigration matter.

Immigration law is very complex and there are many aspects to a case that require professional advice and assistance.

Your chances of success are vastly improved as at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE we have extensive experience in completing complex legal documentation, in drafting submissions at a sophisticated level and we are able to take a matter to litigation if needed.

Have you received a visa refusal or cancellation notice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We can help you. You have rights and options available to you.

At Western Sydney Legal Practice, we are ready to help you through the complex area of immigration.

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Immigration Law

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