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Power Of AttorneyA Will is a legal document in which you are able to set out who will receive your property and possessions after you die. Power Of Attorney

Life sometimes can be a complex situation. You may have previous partners and there may be children from previous relationships. All these factors need to be taken into account when drafting a will to make sure your wishes are carried out after you die.

In this regard we have the expertise to assist you.

Generally, when you get divorced, this will cancel your existing Will and you should ensure you make another Will as soon as possible to accommodate for your new circumstances.

Usually when you marry, your existing Will is rendered void. We are able to draft a new Will as soon as possible in accordance with your new marriage and a change in your wishes. It is also possible to draft a Will in contemplation of an imminent marriage.

People generally wish to leave their estate to their loved ones. Occasionally, this is not the case. In a situation where your spouse, de facto partner or children are not provided for in your Will, there could be a potential claim brought against your estate and so it is essential you seek legal advice and have your Will drafted professionally. Often there are disputes after you die made by your relatives under the Family Provisions Act. They may claim that you should have provided for them in your Will but failed to do so. It is therefore prudent to obtain our expert legal advice in drafting a Will where there may potentially be such a claim so that your wishes under the Will are carried out.

A Power of Attorney is a formal document giving another person whom you trust, the authority to make legally binding decisions on your behalf.

To have a Power of Attorney correctly prepared is just as important as having a properly drafted Will. It is a good idea for anyone who has property whether real of personal, to have a Power of Attorney. It will mean that if for some reason you are unable to or wish not to manage your affairs, your attorney may do so on your behalf.

Our lawyers at WESTERN SYDNEY LEGAL PRACTICE T are able to advise you on the different types of Powers of Attorneys available and advise you as to which one meets your requirements.

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Power Of Attorney

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